It’s a wrap!

Not entirely! It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog although a lot has been happening in the background. Soon after the roof went on, the site has been a hive of activity daily: June 1st – Plumbing work started, fantastic to see everything taking shape even its just some pipes! Our first onsite issue … Continue reading It’s a wrap!

Framing: First Floor

The framers were back on Monday morning and by yesterday afternoon, the first floor framing was looking pretty much done from the outside. Visited this morning and found a PD vehicle outside so I’m assuming our Construction Supervisor was onsite. We haven’t met in person, just conversed over the phone and over emails. I had … Continue reading Framing: First Floor

Getting Framed.

Our framing was delayed from 11th to 16th due to framers being delayed at previous job thanks to rain we’d been having. I didn’t mind this extra time as that gave the slab more time to cure. Framers were already on site at 7AM with delivery being made that same morning. Visited the site at … Continue reading Getting Framed.