We Got Slabbed!

Finally!! The kids and I left early to see the concrete trucks and hopefully catch them just before they poured. We were in for a treat! The concreters were there from 7AM and were just about ready to pour when we arrived. It still felt surreal at that stage! The boys wanted to drop a … Continue reading We Got Slabbed!

Slab Postponed.

Delays. Every home build story you share with random strangers has these two syllables. Every. Single. One. A year ago when we started looking at schools for the kids near our future home, we were inundated with advice and one that now stands out was that I was being overly optimistic with our build timeline! … Continue reading Slab Postponed.

Ready to be Poured on!

Monday morning. Dropped kids to school and made my routine drive to the land before yoga class. It feels like not seeing another child for a whole weekend! Our site supervisor had confirmed last week that slab pour would now be moved to coming Thursday due to the weather. Ofcourse Melbourne chose to have a … Continue reading Ready to be Poured on!