Counting Down to Slab Pour

2 thoughts on “Counting Down to Slab Pour”

  1. Hi there. We’re building with Porter Davis (Somerville) at the moment too. We had our slab poured 3 weeks ago. But we’ve had no activity since then. Our site supervisor has been saying that he is ‘waiting for the right framing team to be available’ but I’m not sure if this is a line or not. To me it just looks like PD have more projects than manpower and have run out of resources for the moment.

    Have you had any indication from your site supervisor as to when the framing will start once your slab is down?



    1. Hi Paul, So sorry to hear of your delay. It must be quite frustrating waiting for them to start. We have been delayed for slab pour due to the wet weather and that was beyond everyones control yet still feeling slightly frustrated. I haven’t discussed framing with our SS, it didn’t even cross my mind. Will definitely mention it next week.
      Thanks for the heads up!

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